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Светлана и Дмитрий Акимовы 


Svetlana and Dmitry Akimovs - the founders family center "Magical Child"

Family Center "magic child" has been developing and conducting programs for the full support of the family at different stages of development:

  • training for women and couples for pregnancy and childbirth;
  • fitness and water aerobics for pregnant women;
  • family swimming pool;
  • training care for babies, exit counseling at home for the newborn;
  • Developing creative activities for children from 1 year to 10 years;
  • Family counseling;
  • classes for parents

Early childhood development. Information portal for caring parents. All about early childhood development: teaching reading, numeracy, music, speech, aesthetic, intellectual and physical development of children. Psychology and education. Maternal and Child Health. Workshop for parents - are doing for children are doing with children. Forum for parents




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