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The main principles of the Montessori method

Main Montessori principles
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The method of Doctor Maria Montessori, the Italian teacher and humanist (1870-1952), is widely spread all over the world. The Montessori pedagogic is an outstanding example of effective practical realization of free education ideas.

The basic difference of Montessori Method from traditional kindergartens is an attitude to the child as to an unique individuality with his own plan of development, his own ways and terms of mastering of the environment.

The basic idea of Montessori Method is to stimulate the child to self-development through so called "prepared environment", which has clear logic of construction and corresponds to psychological needs of each child. The role of a teacher is to help the child to organize his activity in this environment, to give him an opportunity to go his own, unique way in order to realize his creative potential.

Doctor Montessori was deeply convinced, that practically any child is a normal person, capable of opening its potential in an active work. This work aims mastering of the environment as well as the culture created by previous generations.

The phenomenon of Montessori Method consists in its boundless belief in the nature of the child, in its tendency to exclude any authoritative pressure upon a forming person as well as to orientate to a free, independent, active person!

Children attending Montessori classes love to work, are attached to reality, obedient, not possessive, have skills of concentrating, exhibit independence and initiative,
are self-disciplined and have joy!

"There are two kinds of a proof heritage which we can hope to give to our children: one is roots, the other - wings".
Deepak Chopra


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